Crazy Coin Lite

Thursday, 15 October 2015 02:22

Crazy Coin Lite

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Move your money jar and collect gold coins, diamonds, and gold bullion. Be careful, watch out the evil bombs. Try to avoid them or your money jar will be broken. Don't just avoid the gray bombs, tap to destroy them before they fall! You can also try to catch pink and green diamonds to add a shield to your jar. Sometimes tapping on a gold coin can change it into gold bullion or diamonds of beautiful colors, which worth a lot more points!

Blue Bird, Red Fire Birds, and Purple Hybrid Bird steals your coins and diamonds. Tap to destroy them before they steal your points! You will even get more points for destroying them! Watch out for black bombs, because they cannot be destroyed, avoid at all cost!

The game involves tilting, tapping, and smashing all at once, see how you are coordinated. When you see coins dropping and balloons rising, it can be a bit confusing to get everything right. It's especially a lot fun to watch someone do everything at once. There are 30 levels, you have a lot of work to get through all of them!

What's New in Version 2.0

New game scenes and new challenges: in each scene you are put to test a special skill; scores ranges are wider now, from 20 points all the way to 200:
1. Fire Bird: watch out the red fire bird, you have to quickly tap twice to eliminate it, the score is twice as much as the blue bird;
2. Pink Balloons: rise from the bottom with surprises;
3. Crystal Diamond: +20 points;
4. Red Diamond: protect money jar against one evil bomb;
5. Gray Evil Bombs: can be destroyed by tapping;
6. Black Evil Bombs: CANNOT be destroyed, avoid at all cost!!!

The most playful versions for kids, get it now and enjoy!

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