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Author Topic: Notating powers (Read 1526 times)
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on: April 28, 2012, 07:10:16 PM

(Addendum 29 April 2012)

Just to share my solution, I found that there is an operand to raise numbers to the power of x, but that it's in a library elsewhere.  It might be in a library included in the LLVM I'm using but I decided to simply multiply 2.55 by itself two time and three times and go from there.


Ok, I started this elsewhere and am copying what I said below.  Basically, I am not seeing how to write out the polynomial in Q 6 in Chapter 4.  How do we represent 2.55 (which is the value of x) to the power of 3 and 2? I goofed and used scientific notation which is not the way to do it since that changes it to 2.55 * 10 squared and 10 cubed.

Ok, so I'm an idiot and need help. What is the answer for Question 6 in chapter 4?  I got 6381 from the algorithm I used.

[addendum] I should add this does NOT look right.  

Ok, my mistake was to use scientific notion to represent the squared and cubed variables.  I am at a loss on how to represent powers (i.e 2.55 squared and cubed, per the exercise). Did I miss how to notate powers? I'm having trouble finding where you mention that in chapter 4.
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rjgrace, please read this post: http://classroomm.com/objective-c/index.php?topic=607.0
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