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Author Topic: Two suggestions (Read 1861 times)
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on: September 02, 2009, 08:40:19 AM

I have been trying to learn Objective-C since May and have made little headway.  Even though I just received Stephen's book yesterday, it is already much more helpful than most of the texts that I have come across.

I have two suggestions:

1.  Distribute updated class notes.  There were a few differences in what Stephen presented in the first class and what was available for download a week ago.  Mostly, the assignment page.  I was able to get a screen grab, but it would be nice to have it available.

2.  Make the webcast downloadable.  I wanted to scroll to the end to see if the assignment page was there.  Plus, I got lost mostly during the last program.  I have to be connected to the internet and wait 40 minutes to get to the areas I need the most help with.  I understand the desire not to have people share the info, but this isn't easy stuff.  Dealing with heavy material in review over a limited internet player is very discouraging.  BTW, if this is already possible, and I am missing it due to ignorance... then the joke is on me.

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Reply #1 on: September 02, 2009, 09:01:10 AM


Thanks for the suggestions.   I will likely make last-minute changes to the course notes as I go along. I planned on uploading a complete new set at the end of the series.  I'll try to keep my eye out for anything significant and upload it earlier if needed.  As for the assignment, what I posted here is exactly what I showed, with the addition of taking the quizzes added to the post.

The video issue is a tough one that I'm not sure how to solve.  But I will consider your feedback and investigate other options.


Steve Kochan
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Reply #2 on: September 02, 2009, 04:46:39 PM

Thanks for the update on the class notes.  The assignment was sent out separately, so no worries.  That was the big one.  I know the video thing is more complex.  I certainly don't expect you guys to expose yourself to destructive piracy.  However, using the classroom video as help after the fact is a little clunky via the internet. 



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Reply #3 on: September 02, 2009, 08:40:01 PM

I agree with having the videos downloadable.  I noticed that the very fist free webcast was listed as a downloadable .MOV file.  I'm glad I grabbed it as fast as I could.  Also some places I like to go for piece and quite I do not have a reliable or fast internet connection.  If I were to have these webcasts downloaded that would solve a lot of headaches when I get stuck.

 I can understand the worry of people spreading these around the net, but I'm sure that someone could easily do a screen grab and capture the audio and make their own .MOV file, something I have thought about doing to solve my problem, but I would definitely appreciate not having to do this and just downloading the .MOV file straight from the website.

 If it is not possible I would probably recommend people purchase your audio/video books that you have recently completed.  Although you loose the ability to be interactive, you also get the freedom to watch at your leisure without having to stream the video or have an internet connection.

(If you must know the area I have to worst connection is at school.  The internet there is throttled to prevent people from overloading their wireless network.)


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