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Author Topic: 5th printing, prog 2.1 - unable to get output to display after build and run  (Read 2170 times)
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« on: July 29, 2009, 04:11:32 PM »

Hi, glad this newsgroup is here, as I'm already having trouble on the first example.   Here is my program, typed almost word for word from the Kindle 5th ed.  There are no errors, but there is no output either.  Do I need to open up the terminal window on my own to get the output?

//First Program example

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

int main (int argc, const char * argv[])
    NSAutoreleasePool * pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
    NSLog(@"Programming is fun!");
    [pool drain];
    return 0;
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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2009, 05:50:23 PM »

You need to have the console open (via the Run menu).

See this thread:

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